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    Upcoming Supra Event! - Special Open Box Deals & MORE!

    07 Sep 2023

    Bringing the heat to Las Vegas with "The World's Largest Supra Event!" Supras in Vegas is racing on in! Starting October 5th to the 7th with a three-Day high-octane rush of nothing but Supras and enthusiasts! 

    Day One: Supras in Vegas will be a big track day event at Spring Mountian Motorsports in Pahrump on the Charleston Peak Road Course! The event Starts the day at 8:30am with a driver's meeting. Track goes live after inspections and registration at 10am and ends at 5pm, so get ready to start your engines and rip some rubber on this awesome road course!

    Day Two: Supras in Vegas is action-packed with Dyno Day and an invasion of Fuel Fest! Wanna see what power you make! This is the perfect day to do so at the DynoJet Research Facility. Roll-in will start at 12pm. Dyno runs will begin at 12:30pm. Dyno runs will end at 5pm, and during that time will be registration/check-in for Supras in Vegas following that will be the invasion of Fuel Fest! Starting at 6pm to 10pm, it will be a big event to check out!

    The Final Day: Shine those beautiful Supras up for a Show-N-Shine, and vendors and show cars roll in at 9am. Awards will start around 12:30pm, and from 5pm 'til dusk will be the conclusion of Supras in Vegas for 2023! 

    This will be an event you dont wanna miss out on!

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