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    EcuTek design and produce comprehensive ECU tuning, programming, and diagnostics software, primarily for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Nissan vehicles. EcuTek's tuning software allows a true and clean recalibration of a vehicle's standard engine management system, providing the most effective way to tune modern vehicles. Some of the largest names in the tuning industry choose EcuTek.

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    Picture of Ecutek 750cc Port Injector Kit- FRS/86/BRZ
    Actual Contents

    Ecutek FRS/86/BRZ ProEcu + Bluetooth Bundle w/ Tune and License

    Complete ProECU Kit w/ tune now in Bluetooth version!
    $999.99 $849.00
    Actual Kit

    Ecutek ProECU Programming Kit + Bluetooth

    ProECU programming kit now offered in Bluetooth version!
    $699.00 $349.00
    Picture of Ecutek Tuning FRS/86/BRZ  (Tune Only)
    Picture of Ecutek 86 RaceRom Upgrade

    Ecutek 86 RaceRom Upgrade

    $399.00 $349.00
    Picture of Ecutek Programming Flash Points License (Select Your Vehicle)
    Picture of Ecutek FRS/86/BRZ ProEcu Complete Bundle w/ Tune and License
    Picture of EcuTek Bluetooth Vehicle Interface Kit
    Picture of Ecutek ProECU Programming Kit
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    $210 $849