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    Social Media Change - Who is Speed Industry

    13 Aug 2019

    What is happening to 86 Speed? Nothing at all is happening to 86 Speed. This site will stay here and we will continue to update parts and still offer all the same deals, service and support. 

    We want to improve our brand and bring new products to you by offering new makes and models. 

    We decided that rebranding now under our legal company name instead of having multiple sites and brands in the future would be best for everyone. Now you can suggest Speed Industry to your friends that drive other makes and models other than the FT86 Platform to shop with us.

    Some of you have evolved but loved doing business with us. Some of you sold your 86/BRZ/FRS and moved on to something else, maybe it was an STI, maybe a 4 Runner or you picked up a Corolla.  Either way, we want you to know we offer parts for all the mainstream makes and models and more to come. 

    From today moving forward we will be known as one single brand instead of creating multiple websites.  This way any of you 86/BRZ/FRS owners can suggest your fellow car friends to shop with us knowing that you recommended a solid business that offers great customer service and is always there for you to answer any questions. 


    From 8/17 we will be changing things around a bit, this is a good thing for you, as we will be marketing all under our Speed Industry brand on our Socials as well as managing our main website more with updated parts from our popular brands. 

    The 86 Speed site will remain the same and all the same support staff that helps you on a daily basis is still here. What will change is we will be branding everything under one roof to bring you more content and combine many of brands under one name.  86 Speed has always been a niche store but as customers purchased new cars they asked us for parts for their new projects and now we will be able to support that.  This has been many years in the making. 

    We are evolving to offer you more parts for more makes and models. With the launch of the New 2020 Toyota Supra it makes sense for us to make the jump into this market and bring you the same great service we have offered you for 6+ years with the 86 Speed Brand  

    We are already working hard on sourcing product for the 2020 Supra and you can see here, we have been watching the release of this new and exciting co-developed car since the first FT-1 Concept was released.  Its a natural tie-in for us and many 86/BRZ/FR-S owners will fall in love with this car as we have.

    Who is Speed Industry? We are! We always have been! And we look forward to continuing to provide you excellent customer support as we grow together!  


    Visit Speed Industry 



    Malen Reger


    Speed Industry Inc.


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